Glass Futures’ latest opportunity to showcase your newest technologies, R&D and training

Glass Futures would like you to be part of a great opportunity in supporting the industry in the form of an IS machine/ancillaries to showcase at our brand new facility.

We are looking to work in partnership with a supplier to demonstrate their technology at our St Helens R&D innovation centre in exchange for access to our site, people and expertise in R&D.


  • Showcase your equipment and latest technologies
  • Provide a platform to promote new ideas and technologies
  • Provide Training on site – both classroom & practical
  • Carry out Research & Development under glass
  • Carry our Experiments and prove new ideas
  • Occupy workshop space on site
  • Chance to market/advertise – client visits to site, open access = increase in sales!
  • Glass Futures will be the first organisation to offer this type of activity independently

If you are interested and would like to find out more information please contact:

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